Parents of younger pupils particularly appreciate your efforts to ensure a successful transition from primary school.
— Ofsted, 2017

Admissions Appeals

If you wish to appeal for a place at Albany Academy, please complete the appeal form and return to school office.

The school deadline is Thursday 18th April, 2019.

Appeals for entry to Year 7 will be between 13th and 24th May 2019.

Appeals are held in Preston.

Further information is available from Lancashire LA.

Waiting list

Albany Academy is heavily oversubscribed each year. As such we operate a waiting list for admissions which will be ranked again every time a child is added, in line with the published oversubscription criteria.

Admissions for years other than Year 7

If you wish to apply for a place at Albany Academy outside of the normal age group (joining Year 7 in September), then please contact the main office and ask for an admissions form.

You can apply for a place for your child at any time outside the normal admissions round. As is the case in the normal admissions round, all children whose EHC plan names the school will be admitted.

Likewise, if there are spaces available in the year group you are applying for, your child will always be offered a place.

If there are no spaces available at the time of your application, your child’s name will be added to a waiting list for the relevant year group. When a space becomes available it will be filled by one of the pupils on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria listed in this policy. Priority will not be given to children on the basis that they have been on the waiting list the longest.

Application forms can be requested from the school office and for in-year admissions should be sent to the following address: Admissions, Albany Academy, Bolton Road, Chorley, PR7 3AY.

Appeals for a place other than Year 7 will be arranged as required within the specified time limit.

SUMMARY OF oversubscription criteria

The criteria which are to be used to allocate places when the Academy is oversubscribed are:

1.     Looked after and previously looked after children, then

2. Children for whom the Governors accept that there are exceptional medical, social or welfare reasons which are directly relevant to the school concerned, then

3. Children of serving members of staff, then

4. Children living within the school’s geographical priority area with older brothers or sisters attending the school when the younger child will start, then

5. Children living within the school’s geographical priority area, then

6. Children living outside the school’s geographical priority area with older brothers or sisters still attending the school when the younger child will start, then

7. Children living outside the school’s geographical priority area.

The distance criterion which will be used as the tie breaker if there is oversubscription within any of the admission criteria is a straight line (radial) measure. If Governors are unable to distinguish between applicants using the published criteria (eg twins or same block of flats) places will be offered via a random draw. The distance measure is a straight line (radial) measure centre of building to centre of building.


Parishes of Charnock Richard, Coppull, Euxton (part*), Astley Village, Whittle-le-Woods, District of Chorley, Withnell, Wheelton, Heapey, Anglezarke, Heath Charnock, Anderton, Adlington and Rivington, Horwich, Blackrod and Haigh.

*Euxton south of railway line.

Closing date for Applications for year 7 September 2019

31 October 2018