Aims for 2018


2017 held many highlights for Albany Academy:

In 2017 we reviewed and refined our curriculum. We continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum at Key stage 3, while we aim to give students more time for the subjects they excel at, by offering a set of options in Year 9 in technology and languages.

We know that if students attend well then they will succeed. Our dedicated Home School Liaison officer and all our staff have worked relentlessly, in close partnership with parents, to ensure that our attendance is and remains excellent.

As a school we are doing more and more work to support students’ wellbeing and their positive mental health. We are adopting a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach to teaching and reporting to parents.

In 2018 we are building on these successes. Continuing to focus on attendance, opportunities and wellbeing.


Developing a growth mindset

Students learn from good teaching by expert teachers, making an effort in their work and making mistakes. This year we are changing the emphasis on how we feedback to students and report home to parents. We will concentrate on the process of learning, and the effort your child makes. We still have ambitious targets for each student, but these will only be given to them at the end of Year 10, when they are fully prepared to understand what those targets mean and how they can achieve them. These changes are rooted in developing a growth mindset in all our students which will reduce the stress they feel and mean that they will not give up.

Working with parents

Reports to parents will change, with a focus on reporting next steps rather than progress towards targets. We will firmly put the adage ‘you learn by your mistakes’ into practice.  Assessment in lessons will focus on developing students’ effort and resilience.

Developing opportunities

We always look for the best opportunities for our students, to prepare them for college, work and university life. We will be working with more local partners including Preston’s College, Future U and Groundworks to offer a wider range of courses.

Chorley Annual Duathlon IMG_2311.jpg

Ensuring all our subjects peform as well as the best.

In 2017, more than ever of our subjects performed in the top 20% and top 5% of subjects nationally.  English, literature, history, chemistry, catering and child development were all in the top 20% of subjects nationally. PE, art, photography and RE were in the top 5%. These are exceptionally high performing subjects, because of our excellent teachers. Our challenge as a school, continues to be for all our subjects to improve the progress they make with our students each year, and all to be in the top 5%.

P Mayland

January 2018