Albany and the Community

Albany Academy has a long and successful history in engaging with the local community. We have developed opportunities and social activities focused on leisure, health and career development. Workshop and taster courses have been held in various topics which include digital photography, healthy lifestyles, cooking, DIY, numeracy, literacy, ICT, holiday Spanish, first aid and community events.

Due to the success of the schools community programme we have been able to secure funding for projects that improve people’s health and wellbeing. The school aim to support family bonding and social events that bring members of the community including BME and disability groups together.

There are many opportunities for students to take on roles of responsibility, both within the academy and the local community, such as being the youth member of parliament for Chorley
— Ofsted 2014

The school look to work with local partners to provide high quality opportunities for all and aim to identify funding that can help improve the lives of our local residents.  If you have any projects, activities or events you would like to deliver at Albany or in partnership with the school please contact extended school on 01257 244020 or email . If you would like to know more about events in your local community please click here.