GCSE Results 2018

2018 was Another Great Year for Albany Students

This year, with the change in GCSEs to the new numbered grades and harder, terminal examinations, almost all of our subjects have outperformed national averages at every level. 

More details are available for 2018 and previous years in the linked documents.


As a school we also offer many opportunities and these students especially have made the most of the opportunities they have. They are amazing. I’m incredibly proud of their hard work and am delighted for them that they have already achieved so much.
— Peter Mayland, Headteacher
I’m ecstatic with my results and I’ll be continuing with my maths and chemistry at A level
— Elizabeth Woodcock

Key Statistics include: -

· English Grade 4+ 83%

· English Grade 5+ (strong pass) 79%

· Mathematics Grade 4+ 74%

· Mathematics Grade 5+ (strong pass) 56%

· English & Maths Grade 5+ (strong pass) 55%

I couldn’t have achieved these results without the support of my teachers and family.
— Vinaya Kerai

· 100% 9-4 grades in Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Photography and Physics.

· Attainment 8 Score 50

· English Baccalaureate entries 19%

· English Baccalaureate achieved 14%

100% of students have left Albany and went onto further education.