GCSE Results 2017

2017 was Another Great Year for Albany Students

I am incredibly proud of all our students, for the efforts they have made over the past 5 years and I’m also very proud of the care and excellent teaching provided by our wonderful staff.
— Peter Mayland, Headteacher

Head teacher, Peter Mayland, said “This year the education system in England has undergone the most significant changes since the introduction of GCSEs; changes which parents and employers may find bewildering. However, the real story here is that our students have embraced the challenge of these tougher exams and have been rewarded with the best grades possible.

In a year where the GCSEs are new and there are a reported 1% of students achieving a grade 9, it’s fantastic that six of our students have achieved this top grade."


I’m extremely pleased. I’m going on to study A level English Literature, and this grade has given me real confidence that I will succeed at college.
— Afifa Patel

Key Statistics include: -

· English New Grade 4+ standard pass 82%

· English New Grade 5+ strong pass 61%

· Mathematics New Grade 4+ standard pass 65%

· Mathematics New Grade 5+ strong pass 65%

· English & Maths Grade 5+ strong pass 35%

· 100% A - C grades in Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Photography and Physics.

· Progress 8 Score is average (-0.01) 

· Attainment 8 Score 42.8

· English Baccalaureate entries 19%

· English Baccalaureate achieved 8%

I’m really pleased with my all results, especially my maths GCSE.
— Jonathan Carey


· 94% of students have left Albany and went onto further education.

· 6% of students left Albany and went on to undertake an apprenticeship.