New Technology Rooms Inspire Students

Albany pupils have returned to school this term to state of the art of technology facilities and teaching rooms. Albany was able to fund the refurbishment of a large part of its technology department as well as other classrooms thanks to joint funding between the school and funding from the Education Funding Agency. This funding was a result of a successful funding application to the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF).

The refurbishment, which saw a large part of the ground floor of the school rewired and fitted with the high quality fixtures and fittings, was the second part of a major three year refurbishment project the school has undertaken which included refurbishment of classrooms and ICT facilities last year and will involve the refurbishment of science laboratories next year.  The feedback from staff and pupils has been overwhelming positive and it is hoped it will inspire pupils to achieve the best possible results in the classroom.

Mrs Noble, Head of the Technology faculty at Albany Academy, said “We have a fabulous new environment to inspire the next generation of engineers, graphic designers and in particular chefs. Students love the modern look of the rooms! The catering rooms in particular will be a suitable showcase for all of the wonderful food that the students prepare.”