Rhea in Sync With Her Team Mates Ahead of the Nationals

Year 10 student, Rhea Howard, will be competing at the national Synchronised Swimming competition on the 4th December. Rhea who will be representing the City of Preston Aquatics club will be competing for the first time at a national level in one of her disciplines when she takes part in the competition at the GL1 leisure centre in Gloucester.

Synchronised Swimming is an Olympic sport requires a wide range of skills in order to perform complex routines in the water. Rhea and her team who have been training hard for the competition will be hoping for great results. Rhea will be competing in the 19 and under combination team and the 15 – 17 year olds Duets and figure competitions.

Rhea said, “We are hoping to come in the top half in the figure competition and possibly medal in the team competition. As this is the first time we have ever competed at the nationals with our duets we are aiming to be swim the best we can and just enjoy the competition.”

Mr Mayland said, “Rhea works extremely hard at school and all the staff here are very proud of her achievements. Synchronised swimming is a very demanding sport, and Rhea’s determination, resilience, precision and teamwork are an inspiration to her class mates."