Surprising Science at Runshaw

Year 10 students enjoying the workshop

Year 10 students enjoying the workshop

Five Year 10 students from Albany Academy attended a ‘High Achievers’ science workshop at Runshaw college on the 18th November

The ‘Surprising Science’ workshop, hosted by the college’s science department, covered a wide variety of experiments across the three main scientific subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics).

Students looked at heart rate monitoring and studied the effects that raising the body temperature has on an insect’s heart rate. The experiment was done under a microscope on a Daphnia which is water based insect. Students raised the insect’s temperature by pouring caffeine on to the insect which raises the temperature of the Daphnia. The students then lowered the insect’s temperature by pouring small amounts of water on to it. The insect’s heart rate was analysed under both tests to see if there was a difference.

The students also looked a creating their own thermochromic indicator by mixing powder out of the chemicals they were provided with. Thermochromic powder changes colour as it heats up and cools down and the colour change was noted in the experiments.

Physics experiments were also performed as students looked to find focal points using convex lenses. Students then used this knowledge to make their own telescopes. 

Head of the Science faculty at Albany Academy, Miss Fox, said, “This was a fantastic event provided by Runshaw College and the 5 students who attended have returned to school with a greater idea of what studying Science at A-Level will be like.”