Joseph makes national debut


Joseph Croft a Year 11 student from Albany Academy has seen his work published in a national magazine. The keen biker produced a review of the north west, mobile chaos Kamakazi cave run bike rally. This article impressed the editors of 100% Biker so much that they produced a double page spread of his work.

Joseph with his article

Joseph has a passion for bikes and wrote the article about his family’s experience at the rally held in Silverdale, Lancashire and then sent his article to the editor of the magazine, which is one of the most popular motorbike magazines in the UK. Joseph has now been commissioned to produce seven more articles about other rallies he plans to attend in 2017.

Joseph said, “My whole family love motorbikes, my favourites include the GXR fireblade, CBR900 and Reliant Robin trike. I am so proud to have my work publicised in a national magazine. When I saw it for the first time in the magazine I was so happy, it feels great to see it down on the paper. I am really looking forward to writing more reviews for 100% biker.”

Joseph’s mum, Pip Croft, said, “I am extremely proud of my son’s achievements. He worked extremely hard for this and we hope it will be the first of many articles to appear in the magazine.”

Peter Mayland, Headteacher at Albany Academy, said “It’s always impresses me to see our students following their interests and passions. Joe has written a very professional article and it’s wonderful, but not surprising to me that he’s achieved this accolade of having his work published at such a young age .”