Students Honoured

Star students were honoured in November at the Albany Academy Awards Evening. The former Year 11 students were invited back to Albany so that the school could recognise their achievements.

The awards were presented by Jamie Andrew, OBE, who was the first quadriplegic to climb the Matterhorn in the Alps. This is a remarkable achievement made even more significant given that he had lost his hands and feet after being stranded on the summit of Les Droites mountain in the Alps with his friend Jamie Fisher 17 year ago. Despite dramatic rescue attempts during the ferocious blizzard which blasted the mountain, the two men were stranded for 5 days in total, during which Jamie Fisher tragically died. On his eventual rescue Jamie Andrew was found to be suffering from life threatening frost bite and underwent emergency surgery to remove his hands and lower legs.

Jamie battled to cope with the loss of his friend and his limbs but through sheer determination to succeed has gone to be a keen fundraiser. Amongst his achievements are completing an Iron Man challenge, running the London Marathon and also he has gone onto climb numerous 4000ft peaks in the Alps. His story was truly inspirational to all who attended and was a wonderful addition to the awards night.

Subject awards were presented as well as high achiever’s awards. Jack Knott won the Headteacher’s award for best exam results, as he achieved an incredible 1A*, 8As, 1B and 1C grade. Jack said, “I am delighted to receive these awards and would like to thank all the staff at Albany for their support during my time at the school.”

Former student Sara McGinley, returned to present a new Photography award to Charlotte Keir. Charlotte said, “I am so happy to have been chosen as the first photography prize winner. Photography is something that I enjoyed in the classroom and something I enjoy as a pastime. Like Jack, I would like to thank all the staff at Albany for their support over my time at the school.”

Special guest, Jamie Andrews, said, “It was an honour and a privilege to be invited to speak at the Albany awards night. While my story is unique, I am a normal person and I hope I was able to inspire everyone to be ambitious and believe they can achieve their goals.”

Headteacher, Mr Mayland, added, “Albany Academy is not unique in celebrating the successes of our students. What makes this school so special is the care with which the staff here go about their work to ensure that each student makes outstanding progress and is ready to change the world for the better. Listening to Jamie’s remarkable story will, I am sure, give our students and our staff the desire to try new things and never give up.”

Many other talented students’ hard work and dedication was recognized on the night, which was attended by the Mayor and other special guests.