Phyiscs Busking

Students from Albany Academy and Holy Cross have been trained to become Physics Buskers after attending a fun workshop delivered by Science Made Simple, funded by the Ogden Trust.

The workshop which was held at Albany Academy was designed to develop the students understanding of how to create fun experiments using everyday objects. The students were trained by David Price,  the Physics busker from the local company Science Made simple, and now will be able to deliver presentations to people of all ages and in particular primary school students. The aim of this is for the students to inspire and enthuse the next generation of physicists.

Students enjoyed using everyday objects such as balloons, rubber gloves, basketballs, plastic cups and rubber bands to make weird and wonderful experiments that show how physics works in the modern world. As part of the workshop both schools received a kit that the students could use to deliver presentations to members of the public, parents, governors, students and local primary schools.


Miss Fox, Head of the Science faculty at Albany said, “The session was fantastic and all of the 20 students involved loved learning the many tricks that make physics accessible to all ages. They’re now busy practising their newly learnt skills and will be demonstrating them in the very near future”


Miss Speight, science teacher at Holy Cross, said, “I felt that the Physics Busking Workshop was extremely rewarding, for both the students and myself. There was some fantastic science busks that would certainly enthuse the children about science. The students loved the experience and were keen to get busking, so it definitely had a great impact on them, and Dave was a great entertainer/educator. It was fun, lively, engaging and dynamic. All round, a great experience.”

David Price, the Physics Busker, said, “Students from both Albany and Holy Cross, were simply magnificent!  I have rarely seen such enthusiasm for Science and the skills to communicate it to others, good luck in your future Busking efforts

This has project was part-funded by the Ogden trust and for more information on the trust please visit . If you would like to know more about opportunities that Albany Academy provides for its students please contact the school on 01257 244020 or alternatively you can follow the school on twitter @AlbanyAcademy . For more information about Science Made Simple please visit 

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