Word Millionairre

This academic year Key Stage 3 students at Albany Academy have read over 2900 books through the schools accelerated reader programme. Through the programme all students have to read books and then answer quizzes on them to check their understanding of the story that they have read.

Year 7 students have read and taken a quiz on 1586 books, Year 8 on 774 books and Year 9 on 409 books. The accelerated reader programme in place at Albany not only encourages students to read the books but ensures that they understand what they have read.

Eight students have achieved an incredible milestone of reading over one million words in just four months. This is a remarkable feet to achieve by one student but for eight to achieve this requires a love of books and remarkable dedication to reading.

Mrs Mason, who leads the accelerated reader programme, said, “‘At the beginning of the academic year I was really impressed by the enthusiasm that KS3 pupils showed when starting the Accelerated Reader programme but it has been even more satisfying to see how this has continued and grown. Accelerated Reader has created a real passion for reading and Mrs Walmsley, the school’s librarian has been working very hard to keep the library fully stocked with the latest books that the pupils can’t wait to read and take a quiz on.”

Year 7 word millionaire, Piper Stevens who is currently the highest scorer on the accelerated reader programme with 409 points, said, “I love reading through the accelerated reader programme. I read at school, at home, anywhere really. My favourite author is Michael Grant and I just want to continue to read the books that I enjoy.”