A trip of a Lifetime

Four students from Albany Academy will be attending the trip of a lifetime in July. Year 9 students Niamh Holmes, Sam Milner and Morgan Newton as well as William Kenny from Year 8 will be heading to Evo in southern Finland to take part in the 7th Finnjamboree organised by the guides and scouts of Finland.

The students who are part of the 6th Horwich Scouts will be joining over 15,000 other young people from across Europe to attend this historic event. The students will travel to Finland on the 20th of July staying until the event finishes on the 28th July.

The students will enjoy opportunities at the large camp site which is set in the forest, surrounded by lakes and countryside, including a wide variety of activities including water sports, orienteering, problem solving and the big campfire, a Roihu. Most importantly of all, the students will get a chance to developtheir social skills and self-confidence as they work together with their peers from a range of different countries and backgrounds.

All the students attending the Jamboree have spoken of their ‘excitement’ about their forthcoming trip. Year 9 student, Niamh Holmes, said, “This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity which will change my life forever. Every day we will be doing different activities which will build my social and team working skills. We will get to communicate with people from different countries and make lifelong friends. We will be hosting a lot of festivals, listening to sounds from different cultures and learning the history of this beautiful area of Finland.”

Peter Mayland, Headteacher at Albany Academy, said, “I have great admiration for the scouts and guides. They provide a real inspiration to their members and their local communities. I’m delighted that some of our students are making the most of this wonderful opportunity, as a school we are aiming to help them in their preparations and I can’t wait to hear all about it when they return.”