'Hope' Sends Strong Message to Students

Albany Academy Year 7 and 8 students were able to see the effects of bullying brought  to life thanks to the Take Away Theatre Production Company’s play ‘Hope’.

‘Hope’ tells the story of three young people who are all affected by bullying in different ways.  Students were mesmerised by the performance which was followed by participatory workshops that encouraged the students to use their decision making skills to ultimately decide the outcome of the play.

Albany Academy organised the play to drive home important messages to its young students. The play Promoted self-empowerment and examines strategies that would help the students to combat bullying. It also raised awareness of what motivates individuals to bully, while Addressing Cyber Bullying. The play promoted the importance of safe and responsible use of technology specifically Facebook and social networking sites.

Albany has always been very pro-active with bullying and in their most recent Ofsted report the inspectors commented that “all students at Albany felt safe” and were awarded outstanding for pupil behaviour and safety by Ofsted.

The students will now utilise what they have learned from the play and develop these concepts further in their life style studies lessons that all students attend. Year 8 and 9 Pastoral Officer, Mrs Anderson who organised the visit said, “ This was a fantastic performance that really hit home the effects of bullying in a humorous and at times moving production. The production was well received by both students and staff.”

The production really struck a chord with students at Albany with Year 8 student Jessica Snape saying, “you could understand the meaning of the story. The actors were amazing.” Students also commented on how ‘powerful’ the production was and how well it got the ‘anti-bullying message across’.