How to Solve a Problem Like an Albany Student?

Albany Academy students have been challenged to solve Maths problems this half term. All the schools Year 8 students took part in a problem solving workshop to help them to prepare for the new Maths GCSE examinations.

Angela Gould from BMAM visited Albany for a day to lead the workshop which saw students having to work through and solve various mathematical problems. Problem solving is a skill that students across the country find particularly difficult so the workshop was designed to help them develop these skills which enjoying solving the Maths problems that they working on.

Mrs Cunliffe, Head of the Maths Faculty at Albany, said, “The problem solving day was a great success and the pupils seemed to really enjoy themselves.  We were particularly impressed with the resilience of the students as they all tried really hard and many solved some quite challenging problems.”

Angela Gould, was even more impressed, saying, “I’ve been into lots of schools and the pupils here were some of the best I have worked with. All the students did really well and are an absolute credit to the school.”

Year 8 student, Dylan Leary, said, “The challenges progressed from being easy to quite hard.  There were lots of different types of problems to solve but it was really enjoyable”