Orchestra Performance Experience for Students

Albany Academy GCSE Music students have been experiencing what it is like to play in a full musical orchestra. The Year 10 GCSE Music students who were joined by three students from Year 9 visited the Halle Youth Music Orchesrta at Manchester’s Bridgewater hall.

The aim of the concert was to introduce students to the orchestra and introduce them to the range of music that is played by the ensemble. These included the BBC 10 pieces which feature a section of classical pieces (including Bach, Strauss, Wagner and Elgar), as well as modern arrangements for films and games. The theme of the performance was Science and Revolution. The students had the opportunity to be involved in singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’ with the entire audience and orchestra, introducing them to diverse nature of the orchestra. 

Miss Cutler-Rose, Music teacher at Albany Academy, said, “The trip to Manchester Bridgwater Hall was fantastic! The students were engaged throughout and the presenters and musicians really considered how to make the music accessible to all. We were introduced to each orchestra section and could easily see and hear the differences between the sections. It was an excellent performance, which we hope to make an annual visit to!”.

Year 10 GCSE Music student, Kathryn Wiles, said, ‘It was a really fun event. The orchestra played interesting music such as theme tunes as well as some classical music!” Fellow GCSE Music Student Stephanie Worrall, said, ’The presenter was very engaged with the audience, it was really interesting!’ 

The event was very useful for the students at this stage in the GCSE music course and the impact was incredibly high due to the content covered within the performance. As the event was linked to Science and Revolution there were also many other subjects explored, such as Physics, History, Engineering and Geography. The students were enthusiastic throughout and were able to discuss both the ideas and the music featured.  The orchestra made the experience very accessible to all and this was made possible through the live musicians.