Passport to Success for Year 11 Students

Year 11 students at Albany Academy enjoyed a fantastic workshop that helped them to mentally prepare them for their upcoming GCSE examinations. The ‘Passport to Success’ workshop which was delivered by Ross McWilliam was designed to focus students attention on the mental aspects that can help them achieve the best possible GCSE results.

The workshop which focused on removing students barriers to learning was based around three main areas which included improving memory, attitude to learning and growth mind-set.  The aim of each topic was to learn skills and techniques to make their brain more affective. 

The students used techniques such as visualisation association to help them to learn how to revise using a story telling technique. This technique enables students to remember key facts and important information so that they only focus on the information they need for their exams.

Ross McWilliam, who lead the workshop, said, “I have lead workshops in over 400 schools and the attitude and ability of the Albany students was some of the best I have ever seen. When someone can put into to practice a technique they have just learnt to remember over 38 different colours that they have just seen, you cannot help but be impressed.”

Jason McNaboe, Head of Year 11 at Albany Academy, said, “It is vital that Year 11 students develop effective revision techniques. The workshop introduced them to a range of techniques that they can readily access and have rapid results in helping them to memorise large amounts of information. As a consequence students informed me that they felt more confident in ensuring they revise effectively in preparation for their summer exams”.