Science Week a Hot Topic

Albany Academy Science Faculty hosted a science extravaganza to celebrate British Science Week. The faculty organised various activities and science experiments throughout the week that students could enjoy with the aim of raising awareness of how fun and important science can be.

Activities ranged from a science week treasure hunt to lunch time experiments. Newly trained Physics Buskers from Year 7 were on hand to show how everyday objects could be used to make scientific theories come to life with afternoon presentations to all year groups. The faculty hosted experiments during lunchtime to packed audiences with experiments such as the ‘Screaming Jelly Baby’, ‘Burning Money’ and even experiment were students got to see flames appear from their hands.

Dylan Leary, from Year 8, who enjoyed the lunchtime experiments said, “I went to watch most of the experiments and really enjoyed them. I really liked the ‘Elephants Toothpaste’ experiment and think that these activities have helped me to see how enjoyable science can be.”

The science ‘Treasure Hunt’ was hugely popular where students had to answer scientific questions to find clues to which classroom the next questions would be in. There were 15 clues in total and the questions were taken from the GCSE syllabus which made it challenging for all students. The overall winners of the ‘Treasure Hunt’ were, James Eccles, Luke Pearson and Michael Birtwistle all from Year 8. Michael said, “It was a really difficult quiz but we really enjoyed it. There was even a dummy question as well which tried to throw us off the trail. It was a great way to learn about science and we are all really happy that we were able to win the prize.”

Head of the Science Faculty, Miss Fox, said, “I’m really pleased with how engaged students from all years were during science week. They were able to see how science impacts their daily lives in a fun way that has hopefully inspired more students to take science at A-level and beyond.”