Life is a beach for students

Year 8 students from Albany Academy took part in a Geography Field trip to Formby Point. The students, who have being studying the topic ‘Our Shaping Coast’, were able to use this visit to put the theory they had learnt in lessons into practice.

Forty students attended the day and were aided by the weather being kind to them. The day was split into three study sessions. ‘The Squirrel Walk’ saw students looking out for squirrels while they learnt about the landscape and vegetation of the area. The students also observed the ways the National Trust is managing the area to cope with the number of visitors.

The second session was a ‘Dune Study’ where students visited 3 different locations on the sand dunes. They started at the embryo dunes by the shore before moving inland. At each location pupils observed the main features of the dunes, they then noted down the amount and type of vegetation, and learnt about dune succession.  A field sketch of the location was produced along with a written description of the main features and changes.

The third and final session was ‘Beachcombing Bingo’ which saw students complete a beachcombing activity where they attempted to identify the items on their bingo card. There were prizes for the most successful students.

Overall the students had an excellent day and were able to transfer what they learnt  in the classroom to the natural environment. Geography teacher Mrs Staniforth said, “We all had such a great day at Formby. The weather was truly beautiful for us. This year we were incredibly lucky to see a host of red squirrels. In fact, whilst the students were learning about the red squirrel population, we actually observed a magical moment where a member of the public was hand feeding a squirrel some food. The students were so quiet and captivated, you could have heard a pin drop!”