Year 7's Have Got Talent

Year 7 students showed that they really have got the X-Factor during their very own talent show. Ten acts wowed the judges during an evening of music, dancing and comedy in the school’s main hall.


The ten acts took to the stage after making it through a preliminary round of auditions whey they made a huge impression on the judges, Shelley Birchall (Head of Year 7) Carolyn Dever (Year 7 Pastoral Officer) and music teacher Miss Cutler. Acts included a drummer, a comedy double act who performed amazing impressions and an array of singers.

The judges who included the Headteacher, Mr Mayland were looking for qualities such as confidence and stage presence as well as the overall performance. Head of Year 7, Miss Birchall, said, “This is the first Year 7 talent contest here at Albany, and I was so proud and thrilled with all the acts who performed.”

The winning act was Piper Stevens who performed with great confidence ‘I dream a dream’, from Les Miserables.  Piper said, “I am so happy and proud to have won. I have done a few talent shows before but never one to such a big audience.  I was so nervous before I got on stage but just enjoyed it so much when I was performing.”

The ticketed event helped raise money for the Year 7 charity, Derian House and Molly Olly’s. In total £285 was raised which will help the charity to continue giving the invaluable support to families of children suffering with life shortening illnesses.