Student Tackle Challenges

Four, High Achieving Year 7 students at Albany were provided with an opportunity to challenge themselves against students from across the Chorley, Leyland and Preston area. The talented students attended a ‘Mathematics Challenge’ at Balshaw Lane Church of England High School on Thursday 19th May.

Students took part in numerous challenges and activities designed to improve their mathematical skills and encourage them to work as a team. Zac Colligan, Kian Rich, Milly Leaver and Diya Kerai all took part in activities which allowed them to apply their maths knowledge to real life events including, working out what was the best value holiday, what was the most effective car journey and calculating the cheapest way to travel from a set of sums provided to them.

Year 7 student, Kian Rich, said, “The challenges started off quite easy but progressed to be harder and harder. We all really enjoyed taking part and being able to represent the school. It was a great way to test ourselves and we were happy with how well we did.”

Mrs Joynt, who organised the students’ involvement, added, “I am delighted with the students’ attitude and performance. They all thoroughly enjoyed it and they were fantastic ambassadors for the school. They showed maturity and the ability to work as a team. This experience will be hugely beneficial for all involved.”