New Head Boy and Girl Appointed

After all the students performed well in a strong application and interview process we are delighted to announce that the new Head Boy and Girl for the next academic year will be, James Wilson and Paige McKenna-Crisp. They will be supported by their deputies, Jack Connor, Jonathan Carey, Erin Wass and Latifah Rahman.

Headteacher, Mr Mayland, said, “It was a real privilege to hear a dedicated group of our students speak with such passion and authority about their pride in the school and their ambitions for continual improvement. It was a tough decision, but I know that Paige and James will perform brilliantly in their new role.”

The students are very proud at being given this honour and Head Girl, Paige, said, “This role is something that I have been working towards for many years, and to have been selected as Head Girl is such a massive honour and privilege.” James, Head Boy, added “Obviously I am very happy about being chosen as Head Boy. I am looking forward to working with Paige and the deputy heads, senior prefects, prefects and other students and staff to help Albany to continue to go from strength to strength.”

The position of Head Boy and Girl is one of the top honours that can bestowed upon a student at Albany and requires the students to be passionate about improving the school and for them to show determination to succeed, both Head Boy and Girl had different reasons for applying. James said, “I had nothing to lose and strongly believe that you should participate and try your best with any opportunity you are presented with. When I got the chance to apply for the role of Head Boy I did not hesitate to do so.” Paige spoke of how she wanted to give something back to the school that has supported her over the past four years. “I am eternaly grateful for the many things the school has done for me over the years. I believe that achieving the role as Head Girl and putting into the role as much as possible will repay the school for its generosity.”

The role of the Head Boy and Girl and their deputies is to lead by example and set a standard for all Albany students to follow. Paige said, “I will be aspiring to become a role model to the younger students of the school, so that when they reach where I am now, they will be as passionate, enthusiastic and proud to be part of Albany Academy as I am.” James talked of his determination to make the school even better than it is now, saying, “I hope to work with the rest of the Albany family to keep up the progress the school has been making over the last few years and to make sure we end the next academic year an even better school than we are now.”

The role will certainly benefit the students as they go on into further education and employment. James who wishes to go on to college and then university to work towards a degree in business studies said, “Hopefully this role will help me stand out from other applicants when applying for roles in the future.” Paige sees the role enhancing her, “organisation, communication, motivation skills.”  These skills as well as “respect, confidence and positivity” are all skills that the Royal Navy require, which is Paige’s chosen career.