Meet the New Librarians

The school library has its newest recruits. Five students have been successful in a tough application and interview process and chosen to join the team of school librarians. The trainee librarians will now undertake their bronze, silver and gold awards as they work towards achieving full librarian status.

The role of student librarian is diverse and includes, checking-out books, organising book displays, replenishing the shelves and supporting others to read in a positive environment. Mrs Walmsley, who oversaw the recruitment process for the new librarians said, “the standard of applications this term was excellent and it was lovely to see Year 7 students so enthusiastic and willing to give up their breaks and lunchtime to work in the library. Well done to those students who were successful.”

The new librarians spoke passionately about why they wanted to work in the library during break and lunchtimes. Year 7 student, Mason Sandham, said, “I am delighted to be chosen to be a student librarian. I wanted to take on this role as it provides me with a challenging activity to do during break and lunchtimes. I want to help people on their road to knowledge and cannot wait to start.”

Fellow Year 7 student, Isobel Parkin added, “I am really happy that I have chosen to be a student librarian. I wanted to take on this role to help other students experience the joy books can bring to their lives.”

The students will now commence their roles and work on a rota each day managing different aspects of the school library and ensuring that it runs smoothly.