St James' Students Get With The Flow

Year 5 students from St James’ Primary School had a geography lesson with a difference, thanks to staff and students from Albany Academy. The two schools worked together to deliver a drama workshop linked to the student’s geography topic of rivers.

The workshop, led by Albany Academy’s drama teacher Miss Schumacher, was filled with drama and dance, mixed with information on rivers that reinforced what the students had learned during the past term. This resulted in a growing confidence amongst Year 5 students as they were supported by GCSE drama and geography students from Albany. The interaction between the two sets of students produced brilliant performances from all involved.

Erica Huyton, Year 5 class teacher at St James’ Primary School said, “The children had a fantastic morning and were all engaged in their learning. One child who is very shy took one of the lead roles in speaking during the performance and another child who finds it hard to engage in his learning was fully engaged and enjoyed the whole morning.”  

Miss Schumacher, Drama teacher at Albany, said, “It was a pleasure to be asked to go to St James’ Primary School and deliver a workshop on Rivers to help primary school pupils experience the benefits of drama within the classroom. It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning with pupils taking a great deal of educational value from the workshop. I was overwhelmed by the pupils’ enthusiasm throughout the morning and how they were able to transfer their knowledge of geography into the workshop seamlessly. The students both from St James’ and Albany seemed to get a great deal of educational value from the workshop and the standard of performances created were extremely high.”


“The children were buzzing when they came back to class”, Erica Huyton added. “Thank you so much to Miss Schumacher and the Year 10 students from Albany. “

The year 10 students did Albany Academy proud showing professionalism throughout, and assisting the primary school students with their knowledge of both subjects.