Primary Maths Challenge Success

Albany Academy’s Maths Faculty held their inaugural Year 5 Primary Maths Challenge on Wednesday 29th June. The competition, which saw 8 teams compete in a preliminary round for a place in the final, has been designed to test primary students’ knowledge and understanding of maths problems.

Five teams, successfully made it to the final, held at Albany including, Withnell Fold, Rivington Primary, Gillibrand, Highfield and Anderton Primary Schools. Each team took part in various mathematical challenges that requires teamwork, good thinking skills and enhance problem solving. Points were awarded for each round; the more correct answers a team gave the more points they scored. The key aim was for students to build confidence and resilience in tackling mathematical problems and to enjoy working together to solve problems.

The winning team was Withnell Fold Primary, who scored 56 points, with Gillibrand Primary finishing in second place closely followed by Highfield Primary.

Mr Gordon, Maths teacher form Albany Academy, who coordinated the competition said, “It was great to see all the students working well together and enjoying tackling mathematical problems. The idea of the competition was to increase pupils’ confidence in solving mathematical problems as there is much more emphasis on problem solving in the new curriculum. The standard of entries throughout the preliminary rounds and the final today was excellent. I hope the students enjoyed the competition and enjoyed their taster of maths at Albany.”

Helen Hill, Year 5/6 teacher from the winning school, Withnell Fold Primary, said, “I am extremely proud of the children, as is everyone at Withnell Fold Primary. They are a fabulous bunch of children and thoroughly enjoyed the competition. A big thank you to Mr Gordon and everyone involved in organising the competition; we look forward to entering again next year”.

Mr Mayland, Headteacher at Albany was delighted to present the awards and was clearly impressed by the standards of the students taking part, saying, “Mathematics is such an important life skill and it is a real pleasure to see the young students of Chorley working so well and solving these tough problems, but above all enjoying maths so much.”