Students Raising the Roof with Pasquill

Year 9 students from Albany Academy, who have chosen the vocational qualification, Design Technology, worked with Chorley based company Pasquill in a fun and engaging workshop designed to broaden their knowledge of the industry.

Eighteen students learned how the business design and manufacture roof trusses for major house builders throughout the UK. Lisa Greenhalgh from Pasquill was able to show how the design of these trusses links to everyday construction and engineering. The workshop ended with students having to make their very own bridges made out basic materials. These bridges were then placed over a 28 cm gap with a bucket suspended from them. Each team had to fill their bucket with water to see how much weight the bridge could hold. The aim was for the students to design a bridge that could hold the most amount of water. The winning team built a bridge that could hold over 10kg of water.

The students found the session to be very engaging and commented on how ‘good it was to have experts in school from local businesses’. Mr Simpkin, Design Technology teacher at Albany, said, “It was great for our students to have the opportunity to see how the technology they learn about at school is used in the real world, we hope to have more workshops in the future and arrange a visit to the Pasquill site”

Lisa Greenhalgh, from Pasquill, who lead the workshop, said, “Albany students were fantastic to work with and learned a lot about the science behind roofs and how their learning can be applied in their future careers.”