Knitting for Malawi

Four Students from Albany Academy have been learning the art of knitting and helping children in Malawi in the process. Matthew Jennings, Chastie Woodhead, Jacob Hodgkinson and Thea Dagnall have been take part in a knitting club once a week after school with support from their Maths teacher Mrs Malarkey.

The students have been creating toy worms and clothes that will be sent to Malawi to support new born children whose families have been left devastated by recent floods. The children and their families have also knitted patches, that can form part of a larger blanket. The floods have left many in Malawi with no homes, shelter or possessions. This has left new mothers without even a blanket or jumper to keep their children warm upon leaving hospital.

All the items the students have made have been collected by Coppull Methodist Church and will be boxed up to send to Malawi. Mrs Malarkey, who has supported the students during the past 5 months, said, “We have had a lot of fun “Knitting and Nattering”. I am really proud of the items that the students have made for the people in Malawi especially as some did not know how to knit before attending the club.”

Year 8 student, Jacob Hodgkinson, said, “I really enjoyed taking part in the afterschool knitting club. I made a knitted worm (toy) and a patch that can be used to make a blanket. I hope that what we have done really helps the people in Malawi.”