Anderton Centre

New Year 7 students at Albany Academy have enjoyed a wonderful start to life at school and they have a made a smooth transition from primary school. The new intake has settled into life at the school and have excelled on a team building trip to the Anderton Centre.

 All new Year 7 students got the chance to learn new skills at the Anderton Centre by taking part in a wide variety of activities. Challenges included orienteering, low ropes, archery, and crate stacking. One particular challenge which required the students’ team work and cooperation was the ‘Berlin Wall’ challenge. This challenge required students to scramble up a large wall and then support each other to get every member of the team up and over the wall. The wide range of team building skills were all designed to allow the new students to interact with their peers, develop their communication skills and have fun.

 The activities were enjoyed by all the students and it was clear that the confidence of the students grew throughout their visit. Year 7 Transitional Manager, Shelley Birchall said, “It’s during these two days at the Anderton Centre that the students really begin to bond and become a year group. It is wonderful to see.”

 The students also had chance to give feedback to staff about how they have found their first two weeks in secondary school. The feedback the school received from this was overwhelmingly positive with new starter George Sands, saying about his start to life at Albany, “It’s been brilliant and I have loved the Anderton Centre. My favourite activity has been the crate stack as it allowed me to work as a team with my tutor group.” Vivian Kiss, said “I feel really happy at Albany. I have loved the Anderton centre trip, especially the Archery.” Year 7s Lance Headen and Ellie Brookfield both found the Anderton Centre trip to be a wonderful experience with Ellie saying, “I have loved working as a team with my tutor group. I particulary liked the ‘Berlin Wall’ activity as it really made as work together”. Lance added, “I am really happy I chose to come to Albany and have loved taking part in the activities with my new friends at the Anderton Centre.”