Students prepare to make the choice

Albany Academy Year 11 students took part in a UCAS Progress Day to enable them to make the first steps towards choosing their future career as they look to life after secondary education.

 The UCAS Progress system enabled students to create their own profile and look at what career path they would like to take. The system also enables them to identify not only local college courses but also training providers and apprenticeships that the students could enrol on to. The students can source information on various topics including College Open Days and find out more information about courses of interest.

Albany held a hugely successful UCAS Information Evening for parents meaning that the families of the students could support their applications and have a better understanding of the application process.

The UCAS Progress Day was just the start of the process as students will begin to apply for courses and apprenticeships from November onwards. Head of Year 10 and 11 at Albany Academy, Mrs Staniforth, said, “Our students have made a great effort today in completing their Personal Profiles and starting their search for courses of interest. I have been really pleased with the mature attitude in which they have conducted themselves during this very important process.”