Humanities Celebration Goes Down a Treat

This week the humanities faculty held their first rewards celebration for star students. Sixteen students were chosen to attend the rewards celebration, one from each history class in Years 7,8 and 9. The students were chosen to attend the celebration based on their hard work and progress in class and were treated to drinks, cakes and biscuits as the faculties way of saying thank you to them for their efforts during the autumn term.

The rewards celebrations will now be held on a half termly basis with each half term focusing on a different subject within the faculty. Subjects include history, geography, languages and religious studies.

Year 7 student, Ellis Beasley, said “It was great to be invited to the first humanities rewards celebration. I am really enjoy learning about the Romans in history at the moment and to be the one chosen to attend this celebration out of my class friends is great. I think the rewards celebrations are a great idea and will definitely encourage people to work harder.”

Fellow Year 7 student, Heather Maltman, said, “It was really good to be nominated to attend this celebration. I enjoy history and definitely enjoyed the treats! These celebrations are going to make people try their hardest to progress in class.”

2nd in the Humanities faculty, Mrs Baah, who organised the celebration, said “This was the first ever Key Stage 3 rewards celebration and we would like to congratulate the 16 students for their hard work and dedication during the Autumn term.”