Albany Scientists in masterclass.

Albany Academy science students were invited to Wigan and Leigh College to participate in their STEM masterclass. 

The top scientists took part in a range of challenges, including using advanced light gate data loggers to investigate the swing of a pendulum and calculate the force of gravity. They were treated to a Chemistry session in which they carried out a sophisticated titration to determine the reaction ratio of a neutralisation reaction.  The pupils used glassware that they had never even seen before.  Despite this they conducted a safe and accurate investigation correctly determining the reaction ratio.

Finally, the students were given a selection of specialised cells for them to examine under microscopes.  They were taught how to draw their observations using scientific criteria.  The pupils were in awe at the sight of some of the specialised cells of the human body.

Mr Kelly, who escorted the students had this to say, “Overall it was a fantastic trip that extended knowledge, skills and pupil confidence.”

Pupils and teachers enjoyed the experience thoroughly and eagerly await any further trips to Wigan and Leigh College.