Internet Safety Day 2017

Albany Academy have supported computing students to think about their online safety. The world of social media and online games has long been seen as a place for young people to communicate easily with each other. In the lead up to the national internet safety day (February 7th), Albany students are being taught to think carefully about the choices they make online.

Students from all years have been learning about various topics during their weekly Life Studies lessons. In Year 7 students have been learning about safety and security on line and in particular, ‘do you know who you’re talking to?’ In Year 8 they have been focusing on creating a safer internet by focusing on the creation of online rules for people to live by. In Year 9 and 10 the students have been learn about  ‘My online self’. This has seen students reflect on what people say and how they behave online. This is then compared to the ‘real’ them. They have also study the issue of ‘sexting’.

Assistant Headteacher, Mr Crowther, said  “In Life Studies we always focus this time of year on students’ use of the internet and how they can keep themselves safe on line. Students spend so much of their time online these days that knowing how to keep themselves safe and how to communicate positively is really important.”

Students found the lessons to be very useful, stating that, “The lessons are interesting and have shown me some of the dangers that exist on the internet.” Students also said, “I thought I was totally safe online, but now I know that it is so important to know who you are talking to.” Another commented that, “The lessons got me thinking about my own behaviour on the internet and whether the on-line me is a nice person to know.”