Primary Forces at Work

Albany Academy welcomed Blackrod Primary Year 5 students to their science laboratories.  The science faculty at Albany have been working hard to offer an interactive workshop were primary school students can get involved and learn new skills in a secondary school environment with equipment they would not have access to at primary school.

Thirty-two Year five students enjoyed learning how various factors can affect the distance a car can travel. The students’ aim was to find out what the most effective way to make a car travel the furthest from a ramp. The students learned how variables such as the weight of the car, the height of the ramp and the surface the car travels on can affect the distance it travels.

Lead Practitioner, Pat Maughan, said, “Blackrod Primary had a fantastic time being ‘hands on’ with the forces experiments. Students were fully engaged, enthusiastic and keen to understand the science behind how forces work and what affects they have on a moving object. We are looking forward to more school visits to Albany Academy in the near future.”

Year 5 teacher at Blackrod primary, Fizora Thagia, added, “The children really enjoyed the experience of being able to work with a range of resources and equipment that simply is not available at a primary school level. This was many students’ first visit to Albany and they gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from their trip.”

Year 5 student Pipper said, I really enjoyed the experiments and I have had a wonderful time. It was really fun to visit a secondary school and see what their science rooms are like.”