Programming the future

Year five students from Withnell Fold visited Albany Academy this term. The technology department at Albany designed a workshop to help introduce students to computer programming concepts using the programme ‘Scratch’.

The students used the ‘Scratch’ programme to create a sequence of dance moves for a computerised robot to perform. Each student was able to produce a unique set of dance moves and then show these moves to their class friends.

Head of the Technology Faculty, Helen Noble, said, “This was another lively and enthusiastic session introducing students to programming concepts creating dance routines for a robot.  What a lovely group of children the Year 5 students from Withnell Fold were.”

Year 5 and 6 teacher at Withnell Fold Primary school, Helen Hill, said, “My Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed learning about 'Scratch' at Albany Academy's ICT workshop. Every year, Albany Academy arrange fabulous workshops and competitions for primary schools in the Chorley area and we are always eager to attend.”