Albany’s New Prefect Team

Fifty-five Year 10 students from Albany Academy enjoyed a fantastic morning training for their new role as Prefects. They learned about the 5 categories that they were expected to uphold, and spent the first part of the morning taking part in ‘People Bingo’ and an exercise to look at what makes the perfect prefect. The remainder of the morning was spent completing various challenges and scenarios, all of which was arranged and guided by the Head of Year 11, Mrs Staniforth, assisted by Mr Crowther.

These new prefects were carefully selected by a staff panel after submitting their application form. The Head of Year 11 Mrs Stanforth said “Following on from a very high standard of prefect applications, the successful applicants undertook a morning of prefect training. There were some exceptional moments of teamwork, particularly during the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’ and the ‘Marker Challenge’, where tables competed against each other. The prefects worked hard all morning, and their efforts really paid off when it came to the delivery of their ‘Perfect Prefect Rap’ on the stage. Mrs Dobson, Mr Crowther and myself are really looking forward to working with this new team of prefects who will come into role on Tuesday 18th April.”

The prefect responsibilities include, maintaining discipline around school, helping staff where apporiate, supporting younger pupils, organising school events, and representing Albany in the community. The prefects are an essential part of life at Albany.