New Head Boy and Girl Appointed 2017-18

After all the students’ performed well in a strong application and interview process we are delighted to announce that the new Head Boy and Girl for the next academic year will be, Zak Myerscough and Morgan Newton. They will be supported by their deputies; Luke Howson, Oliver Larkin, Charlotte Hilton, Niamh Holmes and Emma Jones.

Headteacher, Mr Mayland, said, “The students here never cease to amaze me. We have sent the past two Chorley Youth MPs to the Youth Parliament and many of our students are involved in Chorley Youth Council. They recognise that leadership in all areas of life is important. The Head Boy and Head Girl, similarly play a very active role in our community. We are very fortunate to have such accomplished leaders in Zak, Morgan and their deputies this year.”

The students’ are very proud at being given this honour and Head Boy, Zak, said, “I feel privileged to be part of the student leadership team at Albany. As one of the best schools in the area, I am extremely proud to be Head Boy.” Morgan, Head Girl, added “I feel I can represent the school to a high standard and I am looking forward in representing Albany. I look forward in improving the school with other students and to getting more students involved. I feel like I now have a large input in school.”

The position of Head Boy and Girl is one of the top honours that can bestowed upon a student at Albany and requires the students to be passionate about improving the school and for them to show determination to succeed, both Head Boy and Girl had different reasons for applying. When asked about their accomplishments over the next school year, Zak said “Apart from being in the best place for my GCSEs, I would like to further develop my confidence. I look forward to addressing large audiences, as this is not something I have been able to do previously.”

Morgan spoke of how she wanted to give something back to the school that has supported her over the past four years. “I am going to try my best in everything that I do as the role of Head Girl, and I will put 100% commitment into the role.”

The role of the Head Boy and Girl and their deputies is to lead by example and set a standard for all Albany students to follow. Morgan said, “I want to improve the school even though there is not much that I feel needs to improve. I know I can improve it in little parts. I feel that the school is at its highest standards and is one of the best, like Zak said, in Chorley. I just think I can make it a little better in certain places.”

Morgan went on to say, “I want to say thank you to everyone who has accepted Zak and myself as Head Boy and Head Girl, as I know we will make the school proud.”

The new Head Boy and Girl and their deputies will commence their role immediately. For more information about the roles of head boy and girl at Albany Academy pupils take part in please contact the school on 01257 244020. Alternatively you can follow the school on twitter @AlbanyAcademy.