Peacock meets Pigeon

This week, Albany Academy had an unexpected and unique visitor. A racing pigeon which landed in our tennis courts, exhausted after a long flight, was rescued by its avian counterpart, Mr Peacock, Head of PE.

The racing pigeon started his journey on Saturday when he was taken down to Bristol, with the intention of racing the 140 miles from Bristol to Heywood near Rochdale. At some point on his journey, the pigeon became disorientated, losing his way before eventually landing, exhausted in the school tennis courts.

Albany staff  were able to contact the pigeon’s grateful and relieved owner, who said, “He is only a baby at 7 months, and is just worn out.”

Stephen Barnes, who expected the racing pigeon to return on Sunday evening, feared that it may have been caught by a hawk.

He continued, “I wish to express my thanks to the staff at Albany Academy for looking after him and in recognition of his help I will be naming the pigeon after his saviour - Mr. Peacock!”

Mr Peacock, PE teacher, said “The warm conditions recently had taken its toll on this young racing pigeon. We were glad to be of assistance. For the nameless pigeon to be given the racing name of Mr. Peacock was a nice gesture by the relieved owner.”

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