Sir Pigeon Peacock Reporting for Duty

A few weeks ago, Albany Academy had an unexpected and unique visitor. A racing pigeon which landed in our tennis courts, exhausted after a long flight, was rescued by its avian counterpart, Mr Peacock, Head of PE.

The racing pigeon started his journey when he was taken down to Bristol, with the intention of racing the 140 miles from Bristol to Heywood near Rochdale. At some point on his journey, the pigeon became disorientated, losing his way before eventually landing, exhausted days later in the school tennis courts.

His owner, Stephen Barnes, contacted the school this week with an update from Pigeon Peacock, “I would just like to thank everybody concerned in helping me get back to my owner and the safety of my loft. This was only my third race, and because the weather was very hot, I got dehydrated and got lost and landed in your tennis courts. I would like to say a big thank you to the students’ who found me and got their teacher, Mr Peacock, to phone my owner to come and collect me. I was so glad when those lovely reception golden girls placed me in a box and gave me a drink of water. I have been retired from racing for the rest of this season, so I can regain all my strength for next season and who knows I just might be king of the skies that year.

“My loft is on the right hand side and I can go in through the trap nearest the door.”

I am very proud to carry Mr. Peacock's name now as I didn't have a name before. Pigeon Peacock 'Sir'”.

Stephen Barnes added, “I would just like to say a big thank you once again, as you can see from his photo Mr. Peacock is now, Happy, Healthy and fully recovered from his ordeal, Pigeon Peacock is glad to be back with his friends in his loft.”