Calculating the Winners

This week, Albany was visited by six of our feeder primary schools for a Primary Maths Competition. Twenty-Seven students in total participated in the competition from St. Peter’s, Gillibrand, Anderton, Highfield, Duke Street, and All Saints Primaries.

The teams had to complete a number of challenging rounds of mathematical problems, which were all themed around Harry Potter. Some of the questions and problems which they had to solve were extremely difficult, however, they tackled them with great enthusiasm and showed real resilience.

Paula Cunliffe, Faculty Leader for Mathematics at Albany Academy said, “During the course of this academic year, we have been running our annual Primary Maths Challenge which is aimed at Year 5 mathematicians. All seven teams from the six primary schools which made it to the finals are a real credit to their schools.”

The students themselves thoroughly enjoyed the event, with one of the winning Gillibrand team saying, “I enjoyed the questions, they were really fun and they were challenging. I particularly liked the Harry Potter theme of some of the questions”. Another student added, “I enjoying working with my friends to solve the questions. Some of them were really hard but with my friends, I think we managed to solve them”.

Mr Mayland, Headteacher added, “I’m delighted that the students enjoyed the competition. They worked very hard and all the teams gave a very good account of themselves. Maths is often perceived as difficult, but actually it shows the wonder of the world in a different way than we usually see it, andthis event helped to highlight that. All the local primary schools are clearly doing a wonderful job of creating great mathematicians.”

All tasks were extremely difficult, however, the congratulations was finally given to the four students from Gillibrand eventually won the Maths Competition.