It’s the Olympics with a twist

Albany Academy Students gained gold for the second year in a row, beating teams from some of the top local secondary schools in an Olympics with a twist. The Physics Olympics, which is now in its third year, is organised by Albany Academy in partnership with the Ogden trust and brought together students from local high schools to compete in a series of physics based challenges.

The day involved students using their understanding of physics to compete in a range of activities that tested this knowledge in a practical way. The competition was open to schools from Chorley and South Ribble who are part of the Ogden Trust.  Finalists were made up of teams from Albany Academy, St Michael’s, Hutton Grammar school, Southlands and Balshaw Lane Church of England High School.

The events which were all designed to be fun and engaging, but with a strong link to physics included building Jelly Baby Towers and racing balloon-powered cars.

Head of the Science faculty at Albany Academy, Natasha Fox, said, “It has been fantastic to see the students so enthused about physics topics and competing in a friendly way. All students excelled and it was a pleasure to see 4 students from Albany Academy winning the overall trophy and 1st place.”

Students from each of the schools were asked what they enjoyed about the day. Keris from Balshaws told us that her favourite session was bridge building, she thought that they made a good sturdy structure and it was also the winner in their session.  Ryan from Hutton Grammar, said “My favourite event was the boat building, this is because we got to test out different ways of making our boat float with the most weight, which required redesigning the boat constantly”.

Oliver from St. Michael’s said that his favourite event of the day was also boat building.  He enjoyed it because it was a challenge to solve and required some planning to produce the best outcome. Sophie from Albany Academy, said “Fishing for marbles from the bottom of the water tank, during the boat building session, was amusing and made it my favourite event of the day that and the fact that we won in our session for building the best boat”.

Amelia from Southlands commented that her favourite event was the Jelly Baby Tower event; she said this is because it was stimulating as well as required you to work as a team, to build a sturdy tower to support the egg.