Wellbeing Challenge

Over the last 10 weeks 18 Year 9 students have taken part in the Wellbeing Challenge organised by Lancashire Mind in partnership with Positive Action in the Community, Key Unlocking Futures and Young Lancashire with Think Forward C.I.C, in a bid to help students to build resilience against mental health conditions.

The Wellbeing Challenge is a 10 week programme that secondary schools can sign up to via Lancashire Mind. The sessions will help students create and manage an asset, developing business skills and building confidence in the process, which will ultimately improve wellbeing across the school. We are very excited about the launch of the Wellbeing Challenge and the positive impact it will have on so many young people across Lancashire.
— Rachel Ray, Children and Young People’s Community Development Lead

Students met for an hour each week to look at the 5 ways to wellbeing which are:

·         Connect

·         Give

·         Take Part

·         Take Notice

·         Keep Learning – put pictures in of taking part

This is to look at mental health and wellbeing ideas in school to create something long lasting that will improve school and pupil wellbeing. Students also took part in a mental health quiz to test their knowledge about what they already knew about mental health which opened up a discussion of issues and stigma attached to mental health.

They worked in groups and this developed leadership skill and helped identify their team roles within a group.  The sessions helped students create and manage an asset, developing business skills and building confidence in the process.

Students created a survey and delivered throughout the school to let pupils know about the wellbeing challenge and forms were returned with pupil’s thoughts and ideas across all year groups. The information from the wellbeing surveys was analysed in order to find a main idea. Some ideas were D of E, additional sporting activities or adjusting purposes of specific rooms.  The main idea from the surveys was a Wellbeing Page on the Albany website where pupils can find out further information about mental health conditions and ways to help. The Wellbeing Challengers will be involved in setting up the website page, sourcing information and keeping it up to date on a termly basis. There will be a theme each month such as exam stress, body image, self-esteem to name a few.

Some of the other activities pupils did over their sessions varied. Assigning roles to each member of a group was important for work ethic over the sessions. These were either Thinker or Doer roles in the group. Pupils brainstormed ideas onto mind maps to express ideas they wanted implementing into the school. Each week they would develop their ideas for a presentation. 

Four groups presented their ideas to the Senior Leadership Team. Pupils researched into ideas that they thought would have a positive impact on the school and they received feedback in order of achievability and whether the ideas need expanding on.

All pupils who took part were given badges and certificates representative of the Wellbeing progress they had made.

The chosen idea in development will be a new Wellbeing page dedicated to Pupils. We hope this will be a long term idea that pupils can keep developing over the years. The theme will be announced in assembly at set times each term for pupils to consider and then the Wellbeing Challengers could create leaflets or request a guest speaker on subject’s pupils were interested in.  The Wellbeing Challengers would take responsibility for this.

The Wellbeing Challenge awards ceremony event in the villa at Preston north end football club which will be held on Wednesday 27th June 2018 will be a celebration of all the participants to congratulate them on their achievements.