Sports Day 2018

Sports day this year was a huge success and the first time we've done something quite like this. The start of the day consisted of Handball, Netball, Dodge ball, Football and Rounders. Nearer the end of the day, both pupils and staff took part in a range of activities ranging in competitiveness. These were races such as Egg & Spoon, Relay, Three-Legged and an Obstacle course. 

Standards Cup Results 2018

The Standards Cup is the result of all your Athletics events completed in your Houses during your PE lessons.

Year 7 boys and girls:

  • 1st place Einstein
  • 2nd place Hawking
  • 3rd place Newton
  • 4th place Hawking

Year 8 boys and girls:

  • 1st place Einstein
  • 2nd place Curie
  • 3rd place Hawking
  • 4th place Newton

Year 9 Boys and Girls

  • 1st Place Newton
  • 2nd place Curie
  • 3rd place Einstein
  • 4th place Hawking


Year 7, 8 and 9 Combined Boys and Girls

Standards Cup results:

  • 1st 428 points: Curie
  • 2nd 365 points: Newton
  • 3rd 276 points: Einstein
  • 4th 234 points: Hawking

Sports Day Cup Results:

  • 1st  131 points Einstein
  • 2nd 121 points   Newton
  • 3rd  115 points Curie
  • 4th 100 points Hawking