British Solo Ice Dance Championships

On the 10th of July 2018 at Ice Sheffield, Lola took part in The British Solo Ice Dance Championships in the Juvenile Ladies category. Competing in solo ice dance takes a lot of composure, confidence, technique and something unprecedented to show off to the judges. 

With a huge amount of natural talent, hard work and determination Lola has managed to place in the following: 

  • 13th in the European Waltz
  • 16th in the 22 Step
  • 15th in the Free Dance

This leveled out as 15th place overall in the competition which is astonishing. Everyone involved in helping support Lola is extremely proud of this end result.

When I was 8 years of age I started learning how to Ice Skate but I was into dancing a lot before then. I felt relieved after the competition and celebrated after as I was pleased with how I performed. It was a very long day starting on the ice for practice at 7am and getting home after 11pm! I’ve developed a lot more through competing in other events throughout this season and look forward to hopefully entering in the Under 13s at level 5 or possibly under 14s at level 6 next season.
— — Lola's Comments after the competition

When speaking about inspiration for Ice Skating, Lola spoke about it being from watching Aladdin On Ice in Blackpool and said watching other shows helped her keep the interest.  When speaking about her development, she said she had gone up 4 levels in her ice dancing due to all the tests she has completed in such a short time. 

Lola went on to thank her family and her coach Linzi Deacon from Blackburn Ice Arena who have all took a part in supporting her along this journey. We hope that Lola continues with her phenomenal work.