Fil Kamps - British Athlete

Today we welcomed an elite deaf football player who has had the opportunity to compete in a World Cup, the Deaflympics and four Champions League campaigns. Being that the England squad has been playing so well in this world cup and Albany Academy have an upcoming sports day, the pupils were really eager to get involved with today’s activities. 

All of the Year groups had the chance to listen to Fil Kamps inspirational story and how he has overcome his hearing impairment when playing football. He spoke about his young life playing football as a child, his development in pursuing a career and his motto "Dream big, work hard, stay humble". The message was echoed that this could be applied to any other subject, hobby or lifestyle. With determination and perseverance dreams can become reality. 

The activities that went on throughout the day were held in the sports hall. Each year group would have their own session. The pupils would do a circuit of activities at different stations around the sports hall with rest points in between. Some of these activities were Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Squats, Leg Raisers and Jumping Jacks. 

A huge thank you to Fil Kamps from the pupils and staff here at Albany.