Mr Mayland

Chris Elected as Youth MP for Chorley

Chris Elected as Youth MP for Chorley

An Albany Academy student has been elected by his peers to be the Youth MP for Chorley. Year 11 student and Head Boy at Albany Academy Christopher Ashworth is a member of Chorley’s ‘Youth Council’ and will now represent the youth of Chorley not only locally but at county and national level. This means regular trips to London to attend the houses of parliament for youth MP debates.

and the winner is....

Congratulations to Ellie Brookfield, who was one of our Open Evening prize draw winners. Ellie who is 10 years old is a student at Coppull Primary School and has applied to attend Albany, starting in September 2016.

Ellie won complimentary tickets for her and her family to watch Chorley FC play at home in a fixture of her choice. Ellie said, “I am delighted to have won the prize draw and I really enjoyed the Open Evening at Albany Academy. My favourite activity was the Drama crime scene investigation were I had to interview two potential suspects. I am looking forward to watching my first game of football and I would like to thank Albany for the prize.”

Albany welcome their new Headteacher to Chorley

Mr Mayland took over as Headteacher at Albany Academy in September 2015. Inspired to become a teacher by the example of his grandfather who was a Headteacher in Stoke on Trent for over 30 years, Mr Mayland began teaching in 1997.

“The only advice my grandfather gave me when I became a teacher was this – ‘if you tell the children you are going to do something, then you have to do it’. It’s advice I’ve followed throughout my career and has served me well.”

Many of Mr Mayland’s wider family have also gone into the teaching profession, working in and around the Potteries. Mr Mayland himself has spent most of his career working in Trafford and Stoke on Trent.

Having been a senior leader in three schools, including two of which are outstanding and amongst the top performing schools in the country, Mr Mayland knows all about high standards.

“I was attracted to apply for the position of Headteacher at Albany Academy, having been involved in leading schools to outstanding Ofsted judgements previously, it was clear to me that Albany is on the brink of such a judgment which would be suitable recognition for the excellent work undertaken by my predecessors and the excellent staff and governors.”

“The strengths of the school are many, but I was particularly attracted to work again in a small school, and one where strong discipline and the highest standards are evident, as are the highest ambitions for all our students.”

Having joined the school in September, Mr Mayland has spent time getting to know the staff and many of the students, and along with the senior staff has developed a clear strategic improvement plan.

Our ambition is clear. We expect the best of our students and want the best for them.
— Mr Mayland

“Our ambitions are clear. We expect the best of our students and want the best for them. While an outstanding judgment is wonderful recognition of the work a school is doing, we are not here to serve Ofsted, but we are here to serve the children of Chorley. I am also clear that however well you perform there is always room for improvement, and everything we do reflects our pride in what the school has already achieved and our ambitions for our future students.”

Mr Mayland has also been very impressed with the warm welcome he has received in Chorley, and recognises the efforts the community and council are making to improve the town.

As a newcomer to the area, I can see so many positives.
— Mr Mayland

“As a newcomer to the area, I can see so many positives. It’s a wonderful place to live and not just because of what is nearby, but what is here in our community. I’m delighted the council are making efforts to improve facilities for our young people and I have been so impressed with the clear sense of community pride in each of the villages and areas in and around Chorley.

It is also wonderful that the schools here are so good. Parents are so fortunate given the quality of schools and colleges available to them and their children. I believe Chorley is a real power house of education within the region.”

“Therefore our plans are focused on refining the excellent practice already here at Albany Academy and sharing that with other schools in and around the local area.”