School Ethos

Albany Academy is a small school by design, which serves the communities of Chorley and North Bolton.

Our principles and approach to delivering an excellent education for our students is based on the Albany Way.


This is a community where everyone is valued, can make a contribution and is empowered to take control of their own destiny. Where everyone works together and learns from each other.


We hold hope for every individual member of our community. In recognising their personal circumstances and by offering opportunities, we lay the foundations for their future success.


Within our nurturing community we recognise that success is built on effort, a ‘can do’ attitude, ensuring the little things are done well and having no fear of failure. Everyone sets themselves the highest expectations and maintains a hunger for improvement.


As a result, we develop well rounded human beings, who are prepared to make a positive contribution to our wider community; who demonstrate mutual respect, empathy, an acute appreciation of fairness and a strong sense of self-worth.

In short, as a school, we succeed because we CARE.

Parents value the effective management you and school leaders provide and the quality of support and care their children receive.
— Ofsted 2017


Academic development: We aim to provide the highest quality teaching experience to ensure that students learn and progress as much as possible during their time with us. Each individual student is set challenging but achievable targets for all of their subjects. Teachers and other staff work with the students and their parents to ensure that these targets are met and provide support and guidance when necessary.

This in turn means that each of our young people leaves having reached their potential and achieved the very best qualifications.

I couldn’t be more proud or pleased with my daughter’s progress, and your school and teachers’ efforts. It is very much appreciated and valued.
— Parent 2016

Social Development: We set very clear and very high standards and expectations for every member of our community; students, staff and governors. We expect students to try their best at all times, wear their uniform correctly and with pride, follow instructions when asked and respect the school, staff and each other.

These standards are reinforced every day and are reflected in the way in which the staff and students interact and work together. We expect the students to meet these standards at all times, in and out of school. Mutual respect is the most important of these standards. At Albany we treat every child as an individual and ensure that their individual strengths are developed and their specific needs supported. Every child joins a tutor group when they begin year 7 and they remain in this group throughout their time with us. This allows them to develop strong, positive relationships with a tutor who quickly gets to know the student and provides a constant point of contact between home and school.

Pupils say that they are very safe and looked after well at school.
— Ofsted 2017

Personal development: Underpinning everything we do is a culture of respect and high expectations for both staff and students. We take behaviour and discipline very seriously and adopt a true ‘zero tolerance’ approach to infringements of school rules. This includes the behaviour and appearance of our students on the way to and from school. We expect parents to support us in this. As a result of this approach we have extremely low incidents of poor behaviour and those that do occur are dealt with swiftly and effectively. This means that the students are happy and feel safe when in school and as a result attendance rates are well above national expectations and students make better than expected progress in their studies.

We also instil resilience into our students. It is ok to get things wrong; it isn’t ok to give up. By supporting our students to evaluate their learning, learn from their mistakes and try new approaches we develop in them the confidence to keep trying and to attempt new and more difficult challenges. We also encourage each student to take advantage of the many opportunities we provide for them both in and out of school in order to make the most of their time with us and develop the skills and abilities that they will need for later life.

By delivering an educational experience that develops each area of the child’s personality our aim is to ensure each student leaves us as a well-rounded, independent and resourceful individual, ready to take the next steps on their journey through life be that into further education, training or employment.

Students are universally polite, respectful, look smart and are an absolute credit to the academy and the community.
— Ofsted 2014